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  • Fedorova, Anna; Jelle, Bjørn Petter; Andenæs, Erlend; Imenes, Anne Gerd; Aunrønning, Ole; Schlemminger, Christian; Geving, Stig. (2017) Large-Scale Laboratory Investigation of Building Integrated Photovoltaics - A Review of Methods and Opportunities. Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Building Integrated Renewable Energy Systems (BIRES 2017).
  • Sveipe, Erland; Jelle, Bjørn Petter; Wegger, Erlend; Uvsløkk, Sivert; Thue, Jan Vincent; Grynning, Steinar; Aunrønning, Ole; Rognvik, Egil; Gustavsen, Arild. (2010) Application of Vacuum Insulation Panels in Retrofitting of Timber Frame Walls – An Experimental Investigation. Renewable Energy Research Conference 2010 - Zero Emission Buildings.
  • Talev, Goce; Jelle, Bjørn Petter; Gustavsen, Arild; Thue, Jan Vincent; Aunrønning, Ole. (2009) Measurement of convective mass transfer coefficients for various materials and air velocities in a wind tunnel. Energy Efficiency and New Approaches - Proceedings of the Fourth International Building Physics Conference.
  • Dalehaug, Arvid; Aunrønning, Ole; Time, Berit. (2005) Measurement of water retention properties of plaster. A parameter study of the influence on moisture balance of an external wall construction from variations of this parameter. Proceeding of the 7th Symposium on Building Physics in the Nordic Countries. Volume 1.