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Research Interests

My training, research, and policy interests focus on relational welfare and well-being focusing on citizenship, public value, and social justice. Especially, I am interested in recovery in mental health and substance use. I am also interested in family therapy and relational therapies. I do also research within leadership, organisational factors and evaluation capcity building in public sector orgnaisations (New Public Governance). I am also focusing on the theories of science, qualitative research methods, and the use of participatory action research and citizen science methodologies.

Research Groups

Course Coordinator


I supervise on topics related to my research interests on Master- and PhD-level.

Adjunct Positions

I am an Adjunct Professor at VID Scientific University at the family therapy and systemic practice programs, and Senior Advisor at the National Competence Centre for Mental Health Care (Napha).

Guest Editor - call for papers 2021:
1. Special Issue: "Promoting Well-Being, Health Equity, and Citizenship through Inclusive Democratic Innovation" in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
2. Special Issue: "Substance abuse and Mental Health among Young Adults". in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
3. Special Issue: "Co-production and co-creation: Perspectives, forms of practice, and contexts" in Jorunal Akademisk Kvarter
4. Special Issue: "Psychology for the Common Good: The Interdependence of Citizenship, Justice, and Well-being across the Globe" in Frontiers Psychology

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