Background and activities


Cand med graduated from NTNU in the summer of 2012, employed as a research fellow at ISB, addressing the subject of improving vein harvesting techniques for coronary artery bypass grafting, titled: "Impact of perivascular tissue on endothelial function and vessel structure in vein grafts used for coronary artery bypass grafting: A prospective, randomized controlled trial."

The main supervisor is Dr Med Dag Ole Nordhaug, co-supervisor are Professor Rune Wiseth and MD PhD Håvard Nordgaard. 

My thesis fucuses on an altered vein harvesting technique, where the vein is harvested with the surrounding tissue. Our hypothesis is that the surrounding tissue improved the endothelial function long-term.


I grew up in Moss,  a small town south of Oslo. I started med chool in the fall of 2006. I  delivered my master thesis inn collaboration with stud med Andreas Bachke, on "Surgical ablation treatment of Atrial Fibrillation at St. Olavs Hospital," under supervision of dr med Alexander Wahba. 


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