Background and activities

My work at NTNU

I am dean at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. I was previously vice dean for education and dissemination at the faculty. In addition, I work as a professor in paper technology and paper physics. I primarily focus my research on paper physics, mechanical pulping and production and modification of microfibrillated cellulose. Most of my research is done in close co-operation with the Paper and fibre institute (PFI). Together with a research group at Mid Sweeden University I have started a spin off company called Collimated Chipping Technology, CCT which is working with improoved wood chipping technology.

Currently I teach the subjects TKP 4180 Bioenergy and fibre technology, TKP 4560 Paper and fibre technology and KP8117 Paper pysics and paper chemistry and TKP4120 Process Engineering.


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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