Background and activities


She received her BSc. degree from Industrial Engineering Department of Bogazici University at Istanbul, Turkiye. She entered this department by ranking within the top 0.01 percent at the national college entrance exam. Then she got her degree of MSc. at Systems Engineering Department of Yeditepe University and her Ph.D. degree from Industrial and Systems Engineering Department of Wayne State University at Michigan, USA. One year before defending her thesis, she started working for tech-startup company LLamasoft Inc. in Ann Arbor as a research scientist. After she received her doctoral degree she continued her job and has worked for the company in total for more than three years, before making her way back to academia. Prior to starting her position at NTNU, she worked as postdoc associate at MIT's Center for Transportation and Logistics for one year. Her current research includes topics of carbon capture, clean energy and supply chain management.



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