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  • Martinussen, Pål Erling; Paulsen, Bård. (2005) Ny rolle for fylkespolitikerne: Fra eier til ombud. 2005. ISBN 8214032288.

Part of book/report

  • Magnussen, Jon; Martinussen, Pål Erling. (2013) From Centralization to Decentralization, and Back: Norwegian Health Care in a Nordic Perspective. Federalism and Decentralization in European Health and Social Care.
  • Martinussen, Pål Erling; Magnussen, Jon; Vrangbæk, Karsten; Saltman, Richard B. (2009) Introduction: the Nordic model of health care. Nordic Health Care Systems. Recent Reforms and Current Policy Challenges.
  • Reitan, Jarl; Martinussen, Pål Erling. (2009) Improving care for COPD patients. Public Service Review Science and Technology.