Background and activities

My primary research interests include the design and interpretation of clinical trials, Bayesian methods, and survival analysis and meta-analysis.

PhD Medicine (University of Alberta, Canada) / MSc Clinical Research (Cardiff University, Wales) / MSc Biometry (Reading University, England) / First Class Honours Mathematics and Statistics (Griffith University, Australia)


Recent Publications

-Research Methodology

Brown, P. M., & Ezekowitz, J. A. 2018. Examining the influence of component outcomes on the overall composite at the design stage. Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes. [Link]

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Brown, P. M., & Ezekowitz, J. A. 2017. Composite end points in clinical trials of heart failure therapy: how do we measure the effect size? Circulation: Heart Failure. [Link]

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Brown, P. M., & Ezekowitz, J. A. 2017. Power and sample size estimation for composite endpoints: practical implementation using data simulations. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods. [Link]

Brown, P. M., & Ezekowitz, J. A. 2017. Letter Regarding Article, “Development and evolution of a hierarchical clinical composite end point for the evaluation of drugs and devices for acute and chronic heart failure: a 20-year perspective” Circulation. [Link]

Brown, P. M., Anstrom, K. J., Felker, G. M. & Ezekowitz, J. A. 2016. Composite end points in acute heart failure research: data simulations illustrate the limitations. The Canadian Journal of Cardiology. [Link]


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