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Paula B. Garcia-Rosa has a Bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering (2004) from the State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has postgraduate education in both Control Engineering and Oceanic Engineering. More specifically, her technical training is in modeling, control and optimization techniques with a strong competence in the application area of ocean wave energy. She has a M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering (2008), and a D.Sc. degree in Ocean Engineering (2013), both from COPPE/Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her research interests include control of electromechanical and marine systems, offshore renewable energy, and modeling, optimization, and control of ocean energy systems.

P. B. Garcia-Rosa was a Postdoctoral Researcher (2013–2015) with the Centre for Ocean Energy Research, Maynooth University, Ireland, where she also collaborated on a project engaging artists and academic researchers «Metamorphosis | Art as Research. Research as Art».

Prior to her employment with NTNU Department of Electric Power Engineering, she was a Visiting Researcher (2016–2017) with NTNU Department of Engineering Cybernetics. She is a participant of the NTNU Postdoc Action Pilot Project. Paula has experience in teaching in higher education levels (UFRJ/Brazil and, more recently, NTNU).  

P. B. Garcia-Rosa is currently an Associate Editor of the IEEE Earthzine, an online scientific  publication (from the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society) that seeks to explore “Earth Observation and their applications to decision support for society's benefit”.


[ Publications below are with affiliations different than NTNU ]

Garcia-Rosa, P. B., and  Ringwood, J. V. (2016) On the Sensitivity of Optimal Wave Energy Device Geometry to the Energy Maximising Control System. IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy. vol. 7(1). [peer-reviewed] 

Garcia-Rosa, P. B, Bacelli, G.,and Ringwood, J. V. (2015) Control-informed geometric optimisation of wave energy converters: The impact of device motion and force constraints. Energies. vol. 8(12).  [peer-reviewed]

Garcia-Rosa, P. B, Bacelli, G. and Ringwood, J. V. (2015) Control-Informed Optimal Array Layout for Wave Farms. IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy. vol. 6 (2).  [peer-reviewed]

Garcia-Rosa, P. B, Costello, R., Dias, F. & Ringwood, J. V. (2015) Hydrodynamic Modelling Competition - Overview and Approaches. Proc. of the International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering, Vol. OMAE-2015, Newfoundland, (CAN), June 2015. [peer-reviewed]

Machado, I. R., Watanabe, E. H., Garcia-Rosa, P. B. (2015) Modeling and analysis of a sea wave energy converter. Proc. of the IEEE 13th Brazilian Power Electronics Conference, Fortaleza (BRA), December 2015. [peer-reviewed]

Garcia-Rosa, P. B, Cunha, J. P. V. S., Lizarralde, F., Estefen, S. F., Machado,  I. R., and Watanabe, E. H. (2014) Wave-to-wire model and energy storage analysis of an ocean wave energy hyperbaric converter. IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering. vol. 39(2).  [peer-reviewed]

Garcia-Rosa, P. B, Lizarralde, F. & Estefen, S. F. (2012) Optimization of the wave energy absorption in oscillating-body systems using extremum seeking approach. Proc. of the IEEE American Control Conference, Montreal (CAN), June 2012. [peer-reviewed]

Estefen, S. F., Garcia-Rosa, P. B., Ricarte, E., Costa, P. R., Pinheiro, M. M., Lourenço, M. I., Machado, I. R., Maes, S. R. (2012) Wave energy hyperbaric converter: Small scale models, prototype and control strategies, Proc. of the 31st International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering, Vol. OMAE-2012, Rio de Janeiro (BRA), July 2012. [peer-reviewed]

Machado, I. R., Bozzi, F. A., Watanabe, E. H., Garcia-Rosa, P. B., Martinez, M., Molina, M. G., Mercado, P. E. (2011) Wave energy conversion system using asynchronous generators - a comparative study, Proc. of the IEEE 11th Brazilian Power Electronics Conference, Natal (BRA), September 2011. [peer-reviewed]

Costa, P. R., Garcia-Rosa, P. B., and Estefen, S. F. (2010) Phase control strategy for a wave energy hyperbaric converter. Ocean Engineering. vol 37(17). [peer-reviewed]

Garcia-Rosa, P. B., Machado I. R., Cunha, J.P. V. S., Lizarralde, F., Watanabe E. H., Estefen, S. F. (2010) Modelagem da dinâmica de um conversor hiperbárico de energia das ondas em energia elétrica. In: Anais do XVIII Congresso Brasileiro de Automática, Bonito (BRA), September 2010. [peer-reviewed]

Garcia-Rosa, P. B., Cunha, J. P. V. S. & Lizarralde, F. (2009) Turbine Speed Control for an Ocean Wave Energy Conversion System. Proc. of the IEEE American Control Conference, Saint Louis (USA), June 2009. [peer-reviewed]

Ferreira, R.M., Garcia-Rosa, P.B., Estefen, S. F. (2009) Aspectos de construção e operação do modelo hidráulico de uma usina maremotriz para a geração de eletricidade. In: Anais do V Congresso Rio Automação, IBP, Rio de Janeiro (BRA), May 2009. 

Garcia-Rosa, P. B., Cunha, J. P. V. S., Lizarralde, F., Estefen, S. F. & Costa, P. R. (2009) Efficiency Optimization in a Wave Energy Hyperbaric Converter. Proc. of the IEEE International Conference on Clean Electrical Power, Capri (ITA), June 2009. [peer-reviewed]

Garcia-Rosa, P. B., Lizarralde, F., Cunha, J. P. V. S. (2008) Controle de velocidade de uma turbina de um sistema de conversão de energia das ondas. In: Anais do XVII Congresso Brasileiro de Automática, Juiz de Fora (BRA), September 2008. [peer-reviewed]


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