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Background and activities

My research at NTNU focuses on two related but still separate research topics. The first of those (Novel biomaterials for tissue engineering) originates from my previous research experience, long term research interests and strong local scientific environment at NTNU. The basic idea is rather simple: we apply inspiration from nature to get new degrees of freedom in design and fabrication of hydrogel based biomaterials. We focus on biomineralisation and alginate based hydrogels.  The second research area which can be described under "Nanostructured devices for cell studies" aims at taking full advantage of stare-of-the-art nano- and µ-fabrication facilities (NTNU Nanolab) established at NTNU in 2009.



2001 Ph.D. in Polymer Physics, University of Bristol, UK 2002. Ph.D. thesis supervisor: Prof. E.D.T. Atkins
1998 M.Sc. in Material Science, with distinction, Wroclaw Univ. of Science and Technology, Poland


2011 - present Professor, Department of Physics, NTNU
2005-2011 Associate Professor, Department of Physics, NTNU
2002-2005 Post.Doc., Department of Physics/Department of Biotechnology, NTNU
2001-2002 Research Associate, Department of Physics, University of Bristol, UK


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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