Background and activities

Program adviser for BSc in Physics and MSc in Physics:

  • Student guidance
  • Indvidual education plans and diplomas
  • Applications for Leave of absence and part-time studies
  • Approval of studies abroad, recognition of external education
  • Quality of education
  • Revison of syllabus
  • Admission to the 2-year MSc in Physics (MSPHYS)
  • Secretary of the Programme Board in Physics

Adviser, Department of Physics:

  • Administasjon of courses (TFY, FY)
  • Local administrative support - Blackboard.
  • Quality Assurance - Course and Focus group reports, Course evaluation
  • Specialization projects and Master's theses for MSPHYS, MTFYMA-TF, MTFYMA-BM, MLREAL
  • Management support

(Photo: Bogdan Voaidas)