Background and activities

Molecular modeling


My research is focused on theoretical models for molecular properties, intermolecular interactions and molecular models of condensed matter.


I teach the following courses:

  • TKJ4215 Statistical Thermodynamics in Chemistry and Biology (B.Sc. level)
  • TKJ4205/KJ8902 Molecular Modeling (M.Sc./Ph.D. level)
  • KJ8205 Advanced Molecular Modeling (Ph.D. level)

Parts of the courses are based on my book: P.-O. Åstrand, Atomistic Modeling: Concepts in Computational Chemistry,, 2016. It can downloaded for free as a pdf file at:

Other publications: Kjemi, 2017/3, Open access to scientific papers and academic textbooks,

See my home page ( ) for slightly more information.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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