Background and activities

I am Associate Professor of Norwegian Literature and Literature Didactics at the Department of Teacher Education. I hold an M.A. and a Ph.D in Comparative Literature from NTNU.


During the spring term 2019, I primarily teach parts of the course Norwegian 1, course 2 (1--7). I also teach literary subjects on the M.A. level and as continuing education for teachers.

Research Interests

  • Literature, gender, and sexuality
  • Adaptation, inter- and transtextuality
  • Ecocriticism and sustainable literature instruction
  • Rhetoric


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Andersen, Britt; Myren-Svelstad, Per Esben. (2016) «Det fins så mange langsler å spekulere i». Den transtekstuelle forbindelsen mellom Åsumd Sveen og Alf Prøysens dikt. Ad Libitum. Festskrift til Gunnar Foss.
  • Myren-Svelstad, Per Esben. (2016) Homosexuality as Decadence in Norwegian Modernism: The Tenebrous Sides of Vitality in Åsmund Sveen’s Andletet. States of Decadence: On the Aesthetics of Beauty, Decline and Transgression across Time and Space, Vol. 1.


  • Myren-Svelstad, Per Esben. (2017) Den opne løyndomen. Homografiske lesingar i Åsmund Sveens forfattarskap. 2017. ISBN 978-82-326-2238-2.
  • Svelstad, Per Esben; Andersen, Britt. (2011) Frigjerande fragment: Ei lesing av Sapfo og Louise Labé. 2011.