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  • Bakke, Ingrid; Attramadal, Kari; Vestrum, Ragnhild Inderberg; Vadstein, Olav. (2019) Controlling Factors for Community Assembly in Developing Cod Larvae (Gadus morhua). Microbial Communities in Aquaculture Ecosystems. Improving Productivity and Sustainability.
  • Vestrum, Ragnhild Inderberg; Luef, Birgit; Forberg, Torunn; Bakke, Ingrid; Vadstein, Olav. (2018) Investigating fish larvae-microbe interactions in the 21st century: Old questions studied with new tools. Emerging Issues in Fish Larvae Research.
  • Vestrum, Ragnhild Inderberg; Forberg, Torunn; Vadstein, Olav. (2009) Impact of live versus dead bacteria on survival, growth, and gene expression in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) larvae. Larvi 2009 -European Aquaculture Society Special Publication No 38.


  • Vestrum, Ragnhild Inderberg. (2020) Microbial Community Dynamics and Host-Microbe Interactions in Cultivation Systems for Atlantic Cod Larvae (Gadus morhua). 2020.