Background and activities

Education: RN with special competencies in general nursing, coaching, simulation and radiography. Master in Education from Bergen University.

Work experience: Worked as a RN in community care and special healthcare for several years. From 2000 - 2013, worked as programme coordinator and a university college teacher in bachelor Radiography.  The last two years and present as a PhD fellow at Centre for Care Research – Eastern Norway.

Teaching areas: Nursing, learning, psychology, simulation, telecare, caring.

PhD project: Telecare innovations itegrated into community care services

Research interests: Welfare technology, telecare, public service innovation, community care services, healthcare, Science and technology studies (STS), learning

Background: This Phd-project explores the use of personal safety alarms and how use of safety alarms affects a person and his/hers ability of coping in everyday life, the service provided, and the interaction between the actors. Insight to how current use of technology leads to change in services and interactions between actors, gives us tools to increased understanding of consequences of future technological innovation in community care. I will do this by drawing on the academic and interdisciplinary field of Science and Technology studies (STS), when exploring use of welfare technology in public service.

Main and co-supervisors: Professor Rolf Rønning (main supervisor), Professor Lars Fuglsang (co-supervisor), Professor Ragnhild Hellesø (co-supervisor) and Associate Professor Maren Sogstad (co-supervisor).

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

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  • Toft, Benthe; Stokke, Randi. (2015) Fagområdet radiografi. Pasientsimulering i helsefag - en praktisk innføring.