Background and activities

Academic expertise and fields of interest

My field of expertise is Norwegian and (west) Nordic medieval history and my research mainly covers two fields: I’m currently finalising a study of noblewomen and power in late medieval Norway, where my main object of study is Lady Ingerd to Austrått (immortalised in a play by Henrik Ibsen bearing her name). In addition, the relationship between Norway and the rest of the Norse world, which was the subject of my doctoral dissertation, continues to be one of my chief academic interests. Although my interest is predominantly political history, there is also a strong element of social history, for instance the importance of personal relations and family within political life and the connection between gender and social standing.


Teaching (2016-17)

  • HIST 1110 Antikkens og middelalderens historie til ca. 1550 (BA-level, 15 ECTS, co-taught)
  • HIST2165 Kongemakt og stat i den norrøne verden (BA-level, 7,5 ECTS)
  • HIST2135 Krig, stat og ideologi (BA-level, 7,5 ECTS, co-taught)
  • HIST3105 Innføring i historisk forskning (MA-level, 7,5 ECTS, co-taught)
  • HIST 2000  Bacheloroppgave i historie (BA-level, 7,5 ECTS, supervisor)


Supervising responsibilities, MA and PhD level (2016)

  • MA Teaching education in history
  • MA History
  • PhD, Susann Anett Pedersen, project titled: Women and property in Norway in the Late Middle Ages


Research projects (2016-)

  • Transitions and Traditions. Ecclesia Nidrosiensis and the Northern World.


Other assignments (2016)

  • National representative, The Viking Congress (2014-)

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

  • Wærdahl, Randi Bjørshol. (2015) "...vær da så lenge hos kongen som du kan..." Hirden. hoffet og kongens menn på Island i siste halvdel av 1200-tallet. Heimen. vol. 1 (52).
  • Wærdahl, Randi Bjørshol. (2013) Why Did Ingerd Ottesdotter Let Go of Her Crown Fiefs in 1529? King Frederik I and Female Fief Holders in Norway. Mirator. vol. 14 (2).
  • Wærdahl, Randi Bjørshol. (2010) Fru Ingerd Ottesdotters bruk av nettverksforbindelser i 1520- og 30-årenes Norge. Den jyske historiker.


  • Wærdahl, Randi Bjørshol. (2011) The Incorporation and Integration of the King's Tributary Lands into the Norwegian Realm c. 1195-1397. Brill Academic Publishers. 2011. ISBN 978-90-04-206137. The Northern World (53).

Part of book/report

  • Wærdahl, Randi Bjørshol. (2014) The Icelandic elite's troublesome way through the labyrinth of power. Rex Insularum. The King of Norway and his "skattlands" as a political system c.1260-c.1450.
  • Wærdahl, Randi Bjørshol. (2013) Friends or patrons? Powerful go-betweens in the Norwegian realm in the High Middle Ages. Friendship and social networks in Scandinavia, c. 1000-1800.
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  • Wærdahl, Randi Bjørshol. (2007) For å oppnå kongens gunst. Vänner, patroner och klienter i Norden 900-1800.