Background and activities

Employed as professor since 2006, from autumn 1998 worked as reseracher at various research projects at Norwegian Centre for Child Research, NTNU Trondheim. Earlier employment at Department of Education NTNU and the former research institute ALLFORSK, Centre for Social Research.

Research interests
Child and childhood research (Social studies of children and childhood). Theoretical perspectives and methodological questions, cultural analytical approaches, children's everyday life, generational relations, child and adult practices and day-care centres ('barnehagen') as an educational and cultural institution, socialisation and cultural (re)production , power, control, resistance and agency, children and childhood as socially constructed, children and childhood in relation to social and material contexs, nature, majority - minority relations, disability, normalising processes and chilhood discourses.

Education and academic degree
2000 Dr.polit from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management (SVT-faculty). Doctoral thesis (in Norwegian): Everyday life in day-care centres. An ethnographical study of the socialisation process. (489 p.)

Teaching and supervision
Teaching at MPhil courses in Childhood Studies at NOSEB: Coordinator and main lecturer at the theory course BARN 3101 Social Studies of Children and Childhood: Research Perspectives. Master thesis seminar for 2nd year students.

Supervised more than 20 master students at the international Mphil at NOSEB. 

Coordinator for the Phd program at NOSEB, Interdisiplinary Child Research (Tverrfaglig barneforskning).

Presently supervising 3 Phd student, earlier supervised 2 Phd students who have been granted the Phd degree.

International publications

Nilsen, R. Dyblie (2012): Flexible spaces – flexible subjects in ’Nature’. Transcending the ‘fenced’ childhood in day-care centres? In: A.T. Kjørholt og J. Qvortrup (eds) The modern Child and the Flexible Labour Market: Exploring Early Childhood Education and Care. London: Palgrave.

Nilsen, R. Dyblie (2008): Children in nature: cultural ideas and social practices in Norway. In: Allison James og Adrian L. James (eds.) European childhoods. Culture, politics and participation. London: Palgrave.

Nilsen, R. Dyblie (2005): Searching for analytical concepts in the research process. Learning from children. International Journal of Social Research Methodology 8(2): 117-135.

Nilsen, R. Dyblie and Rogers, B.J. (2005):”That’s not a good idea, mom”: Negotiating children’s subjectivity while constructing ‘home’ as a research site. Children’s Geographies, 3(3): 345-362).

Mayers, A., Naples, N.A, Nilsen, R. Dyblie (2005): Existential issues and coping: A qualitative study of low-income women with HIV. Psychology and Health. volum 20


Paper presentations (selection)

Nilsen, Randi Dyblie. (2013) Social studies of children and childhood. An analysis of practices and constructions of a 'robust child' subject in a Norwegian day-care centre.International Research in Early Childhood. . Bergen University College and East China University; Bergen. 2013-02-18 - 2013-02-19.

Nilsen, Randi Dyblie; Franck, Karianne; Wilhelmsen, Terese (2013) Parent and professional encounters in Norway: Healthy and proper children? Presented at 11th ESA conference. European Sociological Association.Turin, 2013-08-28 - 2013-08-31.

Franck, Karianne; Nilsen, Randi Dyblie (2012) Competence and context. Constructing the (in)competent child in Norwegian day-care institutions. Presented at 22nd EECERA Conference. European Early Childhood Education Research Association. Porto, 2012-08-29 - 2012-09-01.

Franck, Karianne; Nilsen, Randi Dyblie (2012) Theoretical parallels and intersections between Childhood Studies and Disability Studies. Presented at ESA Research Network 4. Sociology of Children and Childhood. Mid-term Symposium. University of Jyväskylä, 2012-06-18 - 2012-06-20.

Nilsen, Randi Dyblie (2011) Doing guided interviews with children indoors in their family residence. Presented at the Community Studies: Italy, Norway and Australia. NOSEB, NTNU, Trondheim. 2011-06-10.

Nilsen, Randi Dyblie (2011) Practices of global and generational relations in an early education and care institution in Norway. Presented at 10tth ESA Conference. European Sociological Association, Univ. of Geneva, 2011-09-07 - 2011-09-10.

Nilsen, Randi Dyblie (2010) Exploring conceptualisations of ethnicity as doing, majoritising and cultural (re)production processes. An analysis of skiing as an inclusive practice in a Norwegian day-care centre. Presented at NOSEB seminar, Stokkøya. 2010-08-30 - 2010-08-31.

Nilsen, Randi Dyblie (2009) A departure from Nordic child centred ideology towards childhood as future investment and preparation? Some reflections from Norway on 'barnehage' policy and practice. Presented at the conference Parental Leave, Care Policies and Gender Equalities. Centre for Gender Equality and the Ministry of Social Affair; Reykjavik, 2009-10-22 - 2009-10-22.

Nilsen, Randi Dyblie (2009) ’Born with skis on your feet’ - or becoming Norwegian? Presented at International seminar. NOSEB. Kringler, Nannestad, 2009-11-17 - 2009-11-19.

Nilsen, Randi Dyblie (2009) ‘Natural childhoods’ in Norwegian day-care centers? Presented at the international conference The Modern child and the Flexible Labor Market: Exploring early childhood education and care. NOSEB. Trondheim, 2009-04-29 - 2009-04-30.



















Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Nilsen, Randi Dyblie. (2015) Vi-fellesskap i barnehagen. Skiftende og situasjonsbestemt relasjonsbygging i barns sosiale rom. Barndom i barnehage: Vennskap.
  • Nilsen, Randi Dyblie. (2012) Flexible spaces - flexible subjects in nature : transcending the fenced childhood in daycare centres?. The modern child and the flexible labour market. Early childhood education and care.
  • Nilsen, Randi Dyblie. (2011) Født med ski på beina? På ski i et fargerikt fellesskap. Barndom Barnehage Inkludering.
  • Nilsen, Randi Dyblie. (2009) Barndomssosiologiens kritikk av 'sosialiseringsbegrepet' og en alternativ forståelse. Sosialisering som tilpasning og motstand. Barn, barndom och föräreldraskap.
  • Nilsen, Randi Dyblie. (2009) Friluftsliv i naturbarnehagen - et norsk eksempel. Naturen som symbol för den goda barndomen.
  • Nilsen, Randi Dyblie. (2008) Children in Nature: Cultural Ideas and Social Practices in Norway. European Childhoods: Cultures, Politics and Childhoods in the European Union.


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