Background and activities

I am a PhD fellow in philosophy at the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies. I work on a project titled “The Prospects of Naturalized Metaphysics” where I investigate the role of science - physics in particular - in metaphysics, and attempt to assess to what degree metaphysics should be informed by and founded in science. As such, the project finds itself at the intersection of my two primary interests: Philosophy of science/physics and metaphysical methodology. 

Aside from my PhD project, I am currently engaged in research in foundational issues in high energy physics, particularly on the nature of spacetime in the light of the AdS/CFT correspondence. I have also done more specialized work in the field of holographic gravity on the relationship between entanglement and spacetime.


  • Philosophy of physics
  • Metaphysics and methodology in metaphysics
  • History and philosophy of science
  • Rudolf Carnap and his legacy
  • Quantum mechanics in critical theory


  • Master of science in Physics, Niels Bohr Institute (University of Copenhagen)
  • Master of arts in philosophy, University of Copenhagen.
  • Bachelor of arts in philosophy, University of Copenhagen
  • Bachelor of science in physics, Niels Bohr Institute (University of Copenhagen).


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Jaksland, Rasmus. (2016) The Possibility of Naturalized Metaphysics.


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  • Jaksland, Rasmus; Faye, Jan. (2021) Did Logical Positivism Influence the Early Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics?. Logical Empiricism and the Physical Sciences: From Philosophy of Nature to Philosophy of Physics.