Background and activities

Reinold Ellingsen has 14 years of experience of contract research, innovation and research management from SINTEF. He gained comprehensive senior leadership experience with medical technology and biotech product development in international business environments as founder and 12 years as CEO of Invivosense AS, a start-up medtech company that was developed into stock exchange listing.

  • Experience includes, product development, strategic planning, labor relations, production, P&L responsibility for budgeting, competitive analysis and financial forecasting; and new market evaluations.
  • Hands-on knowledge of  business start-up, industrial and financial partnering processes, due diligence, stock exchange listing and reporting, technology transfer, intellectual property management, technology development, project management and quality control.
  • Board member experience from private companies, university, and industry organizations.
  • Innovation processes in R&D organizations.

Dr. Ellingsen´s main research interest is biosensors for medical applications, i.e. sensors and sensor technology for measurements of chemical and physical measurands of medical implication.

Ellingsen participates in the Artificial Pancreas Trondheim ( group. APT is a cross-disciplinary group of researchers with expertize the fields of control engineering, biomedical engineering, biosensors, applied clinical research, endocrinology, anesthesia and intensive care medicine, pharmacology, biotechnology, mathematical modelling, biochemistry and chemometrics, as well as collaboration with relevant biosensor industry.


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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