Background and activities


Rita Vasconcellos Oliveira is a researcher in Fair and Sustainable Energy Transitions and a project manager of Energy Transitions Week at NETI. Rita has a multidisciplinary academic background in sustainability, which includes the areas of Biology and Geology, Industrial Ecology and a PhD in Social Sciences. Previously, she worked as a researcher in the Applied Ethics programme at NTNU, while completing a PhD in Sustainability Ethics. She devoted particular attention to co-benefits and trade-offs in climate change mitigation from scientific and ethical viewpoints. Rita is currently working on the justice implications of the European clean and energy transition and also on the development of economic models which include ethical dimensions. 


Areas of work and interest

  • Energy and Climate Justice
  • Socio-Ethical Innovation
  • Environmental and Intergenerational Justice
  • Sustainability Ethics
  • Ethical Frameworks for Decision Making
  • Environmental Education





Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Oliveira, Rita Vasconcellos. (2011) A função educativa dos Biocativeiros como Factor modelador da Consciência Bioética. 2011.