Background and activities

Shorter - english language version:

I am a historian, but also with some academic background within sociology and political geography from NTNU and University of Oslo. During my student years I got a one year scholarship funding from Department of Education (Republic of Ireland) for studying at Department of Political Science - Trinity College Dublin. I have also education for lower & upper secondy school teaching, pedagogy for university teachers and NTNU's course for PhD-supervisors.

I am associate professor in social science at Department of Teacher Education, NTNU with particular responsibility for teaching and supervising students qualifying for being social science teachers within primary and lower secondary schools. In Norwegian context the school and teacher education subject social science (= samfunnsfag) also includes history. More about areas of lecturing, areas of academic interest and ongoing research projects below.

Earlier in my professional career I have held positions in (mostly upper secondary) schools, at the NTNU Department of Historical Studies and at another and previously existing teacher education institution in Trondheim (now merged with NTNU). As from 2017 I became the chairperson in the newly created National Network for the Social Sciences in the different teacher educations in Norway (from education of kindergarten teachers to education of upper secondary school teachers). From 2018 I am an elected representative of the permanently employed academic staff at the largest teacher education institution in Norway - Department of Teacher Education, NTNU.

In the years before the 2013 reform of the contents of the curriculum in the school subject "samfunnsfag" (social science) + for the parallell subject samfunnsfag sami area version for primary, lower secondary and upper secondary schools, I was an appointed member (appointed by the Directorate of Education) of the committee which developed the proposals for curriculum content.

From 2019 I will be one of the two scientific editors of Nordidactica - Journal of Humanities and Social Science Education. This is a Nordic academic journal published by Karlstad University (Sweden). I am also a cooprdinator of the researcher group HIPOLS - History, politics and social/societal development, founded by staff members at Department of Teacher Education, NTNU.

Areas of academic interest

Most of my areas of academic interest are cross-over fields with contributions from historians, political scientists and sociologists:

* Modern norwegian history and politics and political participaction, for instance history of political parties, media history and the history of norwegian resistance towards EEC/EC/EU-membership.

* Modern irish history and politics, for instance the politics of ethnic conflict regulation.

* Social science + history as school subjects and as subjects within teacher education, history and soscial science teaching & curriculum development, Also with aspects of comparition with different UK regions and Republic of Ireland.

Ongoing research projects

A) Three articles on the dissolution of the Conservative party press in Norway (one is currently under review for publication.

B) Two articles analyzing aspects of the two new 5-years MA-level study programmes for teacher education (for grade 1-7 and 5-10) and the social science/history contents at all relevant Norwegian institutions.




Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

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Part of book/report

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