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  • Sliwa, Marcin; Aranya, Rolee; Refstie, Hilde. (2018) Urban Ecological Planning: Principles, value positions and application in practice. Proceedings of 54th ISOCARP Congress Bodø, Norway, October 1-5, 2018. Cool planning: changing climate & our urban future.
  • Aranya, Rolee; Ulset, Vilde. (2016) Contested formality and incipient informality in Delhi’s new suburban space.: A case study in Savda Ghevra Resettlement Colony. Space, Planning and Everyday Contestations in Delhi.
  • Aranya, Rolee; Vaidya, Chetan. (2016) Planning Education for a Smart Urban India. Urban and Regional Planning Education:Learning for India.
  • Aranya, Rolee; Ni, Pengfei; Cheng, Zixu; Huang, Jin. (2010) South Asian Cities in Globalization. Global Urban Analysis A Survey of Cities in Globalization.
  • Aranya, Rolee; Ni, Pengfei; Zhang, Yu; Huang, Jin. (2010) Indian Cities. Global Urban Analysis A Survey of Cities in Globalization.
  • Aranya, Rolee. (2005) Globalisation and Urban Restructuring of Bangalore, India. Planning in a more Globalized and Competitive World.


  • Støa, Eli; Aranya, Rolee; Rørtveit, Hilde Nymoen. (2018) Lokalsenter, nabolag og bolig. Muligheter og barrierer for sosial integrering av flyktninger i Trondheim. 2018. ISBN 978-82-7551-212-1.