Background and activities

I am a plant ecologist interested in understanding why species grow where they grow, and which factors influence changes in spatial species occurrence in mountain ecosystems.

In my PhD project I am examining the influences of hiking trails on vegetation shifts in mountains in the Northern Scandes. The project is part contributes to the work of the  MIREN network that examines the effects of global change on species’ distributions and biodiversity in mountainous areas . I am especially interested in biotic interactions, SDMs (species distribution models) and finding new ways of collecting ecological data - be it with drones or by citizen scientists using an app on their mobile phones. I am part of the group of Bente Graae, who is my main supervisor. René van der Wal and Jonas Lembrechts co-supervise my PhD project.

I enjoy teaching and am contributing to the following courses in the department of biology:




Plant ecology


Community ecology


Plant Physiology


Global Change Ecology


Ecology and ethology

If you are interested in collaboration or a chat about science, do not hesitate to contact me.

Educational background:

2017 - M.Sc. in Geoecology Tuebingen, Germany

2013 - B.Sc. in Geoecology Tuebingen, Germany