Background and activities


Pediatric endocrinologist, PhD, leader of the Center of Obesity Research and Innovation at St. Olav university hospital in Trondheim (ObeCe),with more than 15 yaers experience in reasearch and clinic in obesity with emphazise on childhood.obesity and PCOS. Research interests cover a broad specter including clinical research, health service research and obesity prevention. 

Main current projects

FatSO: Fatty liver disease characterization by Sonography, the new SURF-Liver 

Can increased knowledge about body image improve health care for families with children with obesity? A joint initiative between Trondheim municipality, NTNU and ObeCe

EurEvira: Testing the effect of a novel e-health technology in the treatment of childhood obesity

“e-BATTLE Obesity”: eHealth Based treatment of Adolescent obesity with Low energy diet and semaglutide


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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