Background and activities

Sabrina P. Ramet was born in London, England, to an Austrian mother and a Spanish father, and moved to the USA at age 10.  She earned her undergraduate degree in Philosophy at Stanford University, her MA in International Relations at the University of Arkansas in 1974, and her Ph.D. in Political Science at UCLA in 1981.  She has lived much of her life in Europe, above all in England, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, and, since 2001, Norway.  She is the author of 14 scholarly books (13 published as of January 2018, with one in production) and editor of 36 scholarly books (35 published as of January 2018, with one in production).  In addition to her native English, her books have also appeared in Croatian, French, German, Italian, Macedonian, Polish, and Serbian translations.  Her shorter pieces (journal articles and book chapters) have also appeared in Bulgarian, Danish, Japanese, and Slovenian translations.  She has been a frequent visitor to Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia and, in recent years, also Poland.  Her main areas of research are East European history and politics, and religion and politics.  She is currently writing a history of Germany since 1871.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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