Background and activities


PhD Project

"The Ocean giveth and the people taketh away; a cultural study of wrecking as a maritime activity on the islands of Hitra, Frøya and Smøla 1705-1860"



KULMI2710 - Local history with archivistics

HIST1250 Modern history after 1850 (group lessons)

HIST1505 Introduction to Historical Theory and Methods (group lessons)


Master thesis

"The wreck of the Unicorn - salvaging or plundering?"



Greenwich Maritime Centre (GMC)

Nasjonalt museumsnettverk for sjøfart (Sjøfartsnettverket)

NTNU Oceans: 

3ROceans - The high seas and the deep oceans: Representations, resources amd regulatory governance

Havansvar - NTNU Oceans Pilot programme on Responsible Ocean Research and Innovation


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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