Background and activities

Sébastien Simon is a Resercher in colloid chemistry with 20 years of experience in the study of emulsions, suspensions, polymers, polysaccharides, and crude oil.

Simon studied chemistry at the University of Rouen in France and obtained his PhD in polymer chemistry in 2003 by studying the solution and interfacial properties of amphiphilic polysaccharides (supervisors: Drs. Didier Le Cerf, Guy Muller, and Luc Picton). These polymers are obtained by grafting hydrophobic alkyl chains onto the hydrophilic backbone of a polysaccharide. The hydrophobic alkyl chains can self-associate in aqueous solution or interact with hydrophobic surfaces and, consequently, they strongly modify the properties of the polysaccharide both in the bulk and at interfaces.

After working 11 months as research and teaching assistant at the University of Rouen, Simon moved to Paris suburbs to work as a Post-Doctor for 16 months at the French Petroleum Institute (IFP, Rueil Malmaison, France, supervision: Research Engineer Löic Barré). There, he was introduced to the crude oil chemistry word and especially to asphaltenes. Asphaltenes are the most polar and heaviest compounds of crude oils and are responsible for numerous problems in oil production. For 16 months, Simon had characterized the rheological, emulsifying and adsorption properties of these asphaltenes.

Sébatien Simon joined Ugelstad Laboratory, NTNU as a post doc in February 2006. He was then appointed Researcher in 2008, and finally permanent researcher in December 2011. During these 15 years, Simon has been supervised by Professor Johan Sjöblom and he was involved in numerous industrial projects such as:

1)  Flow assurance. Flow assurance can be defined as ensuring successful and economical flow of hydrocarbon stream from reservoir to the point of sale. Most specifically, Simon has been involved in three flow assurance problems: Calcium naphtenate deposition, asphaltene precipitation and deposition, and wax crystallization.

2) Emulsions in particular water-in-oil emulsions. Simon has studied the chemical composition of interfaces, their rheology properties (interfacial dilational and shear rheology), and the stability of crude oil emulsions. He has collaborated with Dr. Geir Sørland from Anvendt Teknologi AS who has developed numerous NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) methods to characterize emulsions.

3) Biopolymers. He has been involved in several projects about the characterization of nanofibril cellulose (collaboration with RISE PFI) and lignosulfonate.

In total, Simon has co-authored 106 peer-reviewed publications and co-supervised 41 students including 9 PhDs.

Simon is currently involved in projects on emulsions and he is developing his activities on biopolymers. He also performs service contracts.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

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  • Sjøblom, Johan; Simon, Sebastien Charles. (2014) Oil Films: Some Basic Concepts. Oil Spill Remediation: Colloid Chemistry-Based Principles and Solution.


  • Bertheussen, Are; Dudek, Marcin; Simon, Sebastien Charles; Øye, Gisle; Sjöblom, Johan. (2019) Oil/water partitioning of naphthenic acids and implications for produced water treatment. Produced Water Management 2019 . Tekna; Stavanger. 2019-01-23 - 2019-01-24.