Background and activities

My name is Siamak Khatami. I have both Bs.C. and Ms.C. in industrial engineering and started my Ph.D. program at NTNU in March 2020. The most exciting fields of mine are Programming, Artificial Intelligence,  Natural Language Processing, and agent-based simulation. In short, Agent-based modeling is a computational simulation approach to simulate a society at a micro-level to understand macro-level behaviors concerning dynamics and complexities of the society.

I have started my professional career in this field with a project at the University of Zurich, Department of Psychology, with Dr. Robert Tobias. During that project, I got the chance to face real problems designing and implementing Agent-based models. Those experiences and highlighted questions in my mind pursued me to look for research positions in the different universities, which I thought were following the same matters. That was how I found my current job in NTNU, which Dr. Christopher Frantz supervises. 

The idea is to facilitate Agent-based modeling for policy analysis. Many solutions are proposed in this project using different statistical and computational methodologies to aim the title. In brief, the list of sub-projects is as follows: each is in another state of development.

  • A Non-dominated Sorting Algorithm for multi-objective optimization
  • Copatrec, a python package to find data-oriented non-linear relations using machine learning
  • Behavior categorizing using image processing
  • Agent characterization using Natural Language processing
  • Equation facilitator for agent-based modeling using natural language processing

I a currently a member of the Software, Data, and Digital Ecosystems (SDDE) research group at NTNU. 

Besides my research project, I have some teaching responsibilities.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

Journal publications