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Publications in international, refereed journals


Non-equlibrium thermodynamics for engineers
With Dick Bedeaux, Eivind Johannessen and Joachim Gross,  World Scientific, 2010
2.revised ed. 2017
Non-equlibrium thermodynamics of heterogeneous systems
With Dick Bedeaux, Series on Advances in Statistical Mechanics, Vol.16, World Scientific, 2008
Elements of Irreversible Thermodynamics for Engineers,
With Dick Bedeaux, Int. Center of Applied Thermodynamics, Istanbul, Turkey, 2000.
ISBN: 975-97568-1-1
2. revised edition With Dick Bedeaux and Eivind Johannessen, Tapir Akademiske forlag, 2006
Irreversible thermodynamics. Theory and Applications. Wiley, Chichester, 1988
with K.S.Førland and T.Førland
Translated to Japanese by Y. Ito, T. Ikeshoji, Y.Tomii and T. Okada, published 1992 (Omsha)
2. reprint by Wiley 1994, 3. reprint by Tapir 2001
translated to Chinese by Q.Xu, printed by Metallurgical Press of China 2001
Fysikalsk kjemi, With Morten Helbæk, Fagbokforlaget, Bergen, 2006
Physical Chemistry Laboratory Course, Tapir, 1992
with K.S.Førland and T.Førland , revised 1996
with Astrid Lund Ramstad, Tapir 2000, revised 2002, revised 2007
Chapters in books
Chapter 4. Springer Handbook of Electrochemical Energy, 2017


Complex formations in Alkali-Aluminium Fluoride Melts, lic.techn. thesis, 1974
On the Energetics of Coupled Transport Processes, dr.techn. thesis, 1982,
                publised in Kgl. Norske Vidensk. Selsk. Skr. 6 (1982) 1-157

Books edited

Tormod Førland 60 år. A collection of Papers Dedicated to professor Tormod Førland on his 60th Birthday, S.Kjelstrup Ratkje and B.Hafskjold, eds., Institutt for fysikalsk kjemi og uorganisk kjemi, Norges Tekniske Høgskole, Trondheim, NTH, 1981
NTVA Symposium Series: Lars Onsager. First International Onsager Symposium, NTH, Norway, June 1993
Hemmer, P.C., Holden, H. and Ratkje, S.K. eds.
Onsager Collected Works, Hemmer, P.C., Holden, H. and Kjelstrup Ratkje, S., eds. World Scientific, 1996

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