Background and activities

PhD topic: Guidance and control of marine vehicles. Main supervisor: prof. Kristin Y. Pettersen.

Co supervisors: Gianluca Antonelli, Ingrid Schjølberg, Jan Tommy Gravdahl, Hefeng Dong

I completed my MsC in Engineering Cybernetics at NTNU June 2013 and started my PhD August the same year. My work is conducted at the newly established Norwegian Centre of Excellence AMOS (Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems) and will focus on control of marine vehicles.

Part I of my work concerns path following of marine vehicles in the presence of ocean currents, whereas part II focuses on set-based kinematic control. This allows a general robotic system to be given tasks with a desired or valid interval rather than an exact value, and can be utilized in a variety of scenarioes. Finally, part III combines part I and II by ensuring obstacle avoidance of marine vehicles while following a predefined path.

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