Background and activities

Student advisor at the Department of Biology for the bachelorprogram in Biology (BBI) and bachelorprogram in Aquaculture engineering (BIHAV) and several 2-year Master programmes in Biology (MSBIO, MSOCEAN, MSNARM and MLREAL)

  • Individual education plans and diplomas
  • Applications for a leave of absence or part-time studies
  • Pre-approval of courses for exchange stay abroad and approval of previously completed education 
  • Working on and maintaining the study plans for the different study programmes 


  • MSc in Environmental Toxiciology (MSENVITOX) from NTNU, graduated June 2018
  • Bachelor  in Biology (BBI) from NTNU, graduated June 2016

You are welcome to visit my office at Realfagbygget! I am usually at the office, but it is also possible to make an appointment by email or telephone (both you can find above).