Silje Nes Skrede

Student adviser for English and French, Senior Executive Officer Department of Language and Literature
+47 73596825

Background and activities

Current tasks:

  • Student adviser for English, French and the international MA degree MPhil in English Linguistics and Language Acquisition.
  • Administrative coordinator for all undergraduate and graduate studies in the Department of Language and Literature
  • Advises students about course and program/plan selection, study abroad semesters etc
  • Contact person for specific recognition of eductation/credit transfer and other applications
  • Secretary for the programme councils for English and Foreign Languages
  • Departmental administrative coordinator of NTNU's system of quality assurance of education:


  • Master's degree in French (NTNU 2006). Title of Master's thesis:Une perspective existentialiste sur les images dans Les Belles Images de Simone de Beauvoir
  • Postgraduate teacher training (NTNU 2008)
  • Bachelor's degree in Language and Literature, programme option French and Comparative Literature (NTNU 2004)
  • Undergraduate courses in English and Nordic Language and Literature