Background and activities

Current tasks

Student adviser

  • I'm the student adviser for the one-year programme, BA and MA programmes in English and French as well as the international M.Phil programme in English Linguistics and Language Acquisition. I'm also a student adviser for the five-year teacher training programme Language Studies with Teacher Education (MLSPRÅK)
  • Contact me if you have questions about your education plan, course selection, exams, progression, change of study programme, studying abroad, career opportunities etc. You are also welcome to come see me if you need somebody to talk to about other issues. Read more about what kind of student guidance NTNU offers on our webpage.
  • My office hours are usually Mondays - Fridays 9:00-15:00. You are welcome to drop by or schedule a meeting by getting in touch with me via e-mail, phone or by stopping by the Department of Language and Literature. Map of office location

Senior adviser and administrative coordinator

  • Administrative coordinator for all undergraduate and graduate studies in the Department of Language and Literature
  • Advises students about course and program/plan selection, study abroad semesters etc
  • Contact person for specific recognition of eductation/credit transfer and other applications
  • Secretary for the programme councils for English and Foreign Languages
  • Departmental administrative coordinator of NTNU's system of quality assurance of education:


  • Master's degree in French (NTNU 2006). Title of Master's thesis:Une perspective existentialiste sur les images dans Les Belles Images de Simone de Beauvoir
  • Postgraduate teacher training (NTNU 2008)
  • Bachelor's degree in Language and Literature, programme option French and Comparative Literature (NTNU 2004)
  • Undergraduate courses in English and Nordic Language and Literature