Background and activities

Post doc at the Trondheim Sleep and Chronobiology Research Group. I am currently working and coordinating the multicenter study NORSE4, at the department of mental health. This is a randomized controlled trial where we are investigating the effect of digital cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia for patients (N=800) referred to mental health services in Norway 

I am also working on a project at St.Olavs Hospital that involved follow-up and treatment of patients with mild traumatic brain inury. We are spesifically investigating the effect of acceptance and commitment therapy for this patient group. 

I wrote my PhD on sleep and mild traumatic brain injury.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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  • Karaliute, Migle; Olsen, Alexander; Saksvik, Simen Berg; Einarsen, Cathrine Elisabeth; Vik, Anne; Håberg, Asta; Skandsen, Toril. (2017) Post-concussive symptoms the first year after mild traumatic brain injury: Preliminary results from a large prospective cohort study. Brain Injury. vol. 31 (6-7).