Background and activities

PhD project:

Our energy system is changing. Renewable energy technologies are increasingly being integrated into the current energy mix. Thus, the energy transition no longer a question of if, but rather a question of how fast. The challenges from climate change, poor air quality in major cities and other related environmental degradation from our current energy sources makes the transition important for a range of reasons. A clean and sustainable energy system is the backbone of a society that takes these challenges seriously and want to enable its citizens to live healthier and sustainable lives.


I therefore focus my research on the effects of climate policy choices and technological development on CO2 emissions in the power sector. In the first part of the project I focus on the OECD power sector. I am particularly interested in the effects of policies versus the effect of price reductions in renewable energy technology.


In the second part of the PhD project I will investigate whether lessons from the OECD may be transferable to places in the world trying to reduce energy poverty and increase sustainable development. There are currently over a billion people without access to electricity and the new UN Sustainability development goals (SDGs) reflect the importance of clean and affordable energy for all as a cornerstone for sustainable development. However it might very well be that these lessons are less valuable in these places because they are vastly different. Thus, new approaches might be required to fully understand and recognize the regional and country-specific differences in dealing with this complicated but very important aspect of the energy transition.



Climate policy

Technology and innovation

Renewable energy technologies

Energy storage

Smart-grid technology

Sustainable transitions

Energy poverty and energy justice