Background and activities

My name is Siri Marthe Arbo, and I recently graduated from NTNU with a master’s degree in Materials Science. I wrote my master thesis in collaboration with Norsk Titanium, where I studied the titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V, an important alloy which is used in for instance airplanes.

My master thesis: "The Effect of Refined Prior ß-grains on the Final Microstructure and Strain Response in Ti-6Al-4V produced by Wire-Fed Plasma Deposition. Investigated by combined EBSD and In-Situ Tensile Experiments."

Mow, I am a Ph.D. student at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, working within the research field of physical metallurgy.


My Ph.D. is part of a larger project working on Sustainable Innovations for Automated Manufacturing of Multi-Material Products - SFI Manufacturing. The primary focus in my Ph.D. work will be on the joining of dissimilar metallic materials – steel and aluminum.

Supervisor: Associate Professor Ida Westermann

Co-supervisor: Professor Bjørn Holmedal

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