Background and activities


Professor within the field of architecture - process design, covering architectural processes from idea to completed buildings, thus bridging the gap between applied teaching and research and the practice in the construction industry. 

Her two main focus areas lies within applied architecture processes and within architecture and health. Sits as the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art's reresentative the NTNU strategic area for innovative solutions to complex health challenges (NTNU Health).

Fields of expertise

• Leadership and strategic planning, working in multidisciplinary design teams.
• Extensive experience with planning functions in the scale of municipal zoning and site plan.
• Design of large buildings; urban development projects and education/university buildings and Campus development plans with specialty programming and user coordination.


Trained as an architect at NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 1990. Several courses in Art History at the University of Oslo 1988-1992.

Is combining the professorship with partnership in OSLO WORKS as. Previously she has been partner in Narud Stokke Wiig for 15 years and worked for architectural offices in Berlin, Trondheim and Oslo. She has led and participated in numerous architectural projects, and has held several board and committee positions.

From 2016 she is Chairman of Arkitektbedriftene i Norge. See the full CV for details.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

A selection of recent journal publications, artistic productions, books, including book and report excerpts. See all publications in the database

Artistic productions

  • Bakken, Siri Merethe. (2016) Nytt mediebygg på Høgskulen i Volda. Avisa Møre, Volda. 2016.
  • Bakken, Siri Merethe. (2016) Nytt mediebygg ved Høgskulen i Volda. Sunnmørsposten, Ålesund. 2016.
  • Bakken, Siri Merethe; Stenseth, Gudmund. (2016) STREET LIFE, prosjekt kunstsilo Kristiansand, konkurranse, utstilling Kilden Teater- og Konserthus i Kristiansand fra 15. juni til 9. juli 2016. Kristiansand kommune/Norske Arkitekters Landsforbund, Kristiansand. 2016.


  • Langlo, Jan Alexander; Bakken, Siri Merethe; Karud, Otto Ole Jørgen; Landet, Rannveig Ravnanger; Olsen, Alexander Smidt; Andersen, Bjørn Sørskot; Hajikazemi, Sara. (2017) Sluttrapport, Prestasjonsmåling i norsk BAE-næring. 2017.
  • Landet, Rannveig Ravnanger; Langlo, Jan Alexander; Andersen, Bjørn Sørskot; Bakken, Siri Merethe; Karud, Ole Jørgen. (2015) Prestasjonsmåling I norsk BAE-næring. 2015.