Background and activities

I am an associate professor in comparative literature, and the leader of the project The Norwegian Skilling Ballad, 1550-1950: Recovering a cultural heritage, funded by the Research Council of Norway. You can read more about this project on the NRC webpages, and on my research blog (link to the right: in Norwegian only). 

Research interests

  • Broadside ballads and popular literature in Norway, Scandinavia and Europe. 
  • Natural disasters in literature; ecocriticism. 
  • Early modern media, literary criticism and reception studies. 
  • Sentimental novels and female fiction; eighteenth century fiction. 
  • Digital humanities and book history. 


I have published artices and book chapters on Norwegian, Scandinavian and European broadside ballads, and articles and book chapters on British eighteenth-century fiction and media culture. The book Travelling Chronicles: News and Newspapers from the Early Modern Period to the Eighteenth Century (Brill, 2018) was co-edited with Paul Goring and Christina Watson. In 2021 I am editing two mayor anthologies on Norwegian skilling ballads to be published with Scandianvian Academic Press, and a monograph with the same publisher, on natural disasters in skilling ballads. 



This semester I am teaching an MA and BA course in comparative literature, on environmental disasters in early modern European ballads (ALIT3202/2202). I have taught on BA and MA levels in both comparative literature (ALIT) and English, covering most genres and periods. I am currently supervising a PhD-student, and I am interested in supervising MA-students. Please contact me for a chat about potential topics. 

Outreach experience 

I take a very keen interest in contemporary literary culture, and I am regularly involved in literary festivals, reading, media interviews and panel discussions. In 2021 I am preoccupied with teaching as well as finalising book manuscripts, so I will have limited time to dedicate to outreach beyond presenting my own research. 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


Part of book/report

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