Background and activities

Solveig Bakken is the Research and Collection Manager at the NTNU University Museum.

She is the Deputy Director of the Museum in academic affairs. She is Dr.Scient. in botany.


  • Research Management and Administration
  • Scientific Gatherings
  • FoU Projects
  • IT
  • NTNU University Museum contact for Cristin, MUSIT 

Mememberships and offices

  • Member of NTNU's Central Research Committee

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

  • Hanslin, Hans Martin; Bakken, Solveig; Pedersen, Bård. (2001) The impact of watering regime and ambient relative humidity on the effect of density on growth in two boreal forest mosses, Dicranum majus and Rhytidiadelphus loreus. Journal of Bryology. vol. 23 (1).
  • Pedersen, Bård; Hanslin, Hans Martin; Bakken, Solveig. (2001) Testing for positive density-dependent performance in four bryophyte species. Ecology. vol. 82 (1).
  • Såstad, Sigurd Mjøen; Stenøien, Hans K.; Flatberg, Kjell Ivar; Bakken, Solveig. (2001) The narrow endemic Sphagnum troendelagicum is an allopolyploid derivative of the widespread S. balticum and S. tenellum. Systematic Botany. vol. 26.
  • Sagmo Solli, Ida M; Söderström, Lars; Bakken, Solveig; Flatberg, Kjell Ivar; Pedersen, Bård. (2000) Studies of fertility of Dicranum majus in two populations with different sporophyte production. Journal of Bryology. vol. 21.
  • Hanslin, Hans Martin; Fjellvikås, Asbjørn; Bakken, Solveig. (1999) Design, technical specification, and operation of growth chambers with a computer-controlled system for regulating relative humidity suitable for ecophysiological experiments with bryophytes. Journal of Bryology. vol. 21.
  • Solli, Ida M. Sagmo; Söderström, Lars; Bakken, Solveig; Flatberg, Kjell Ivar; Pedersen, Bård. (1998) Reproductive phenology of Dicranum majus in central Norway. Journal of Bryology. vol. 20 (2).
  • Såstad, Sigurd Mjøen; Bakken, Solveig; Pedersen, Bård. (1998) Propagation of Sphagnum in axenic culture - a method for obtaining large numbers of cloned gametophores. Lindbergia. vol. 23.
  • Stenøien, Hans K.; Bakken, Solveig; Flatberg, Kjell Ivar. (1997) Phenotypic variation in the Sphagnum recurvum complex : a cultivation experiment. Journal of Bryology. vol. 19 (4).

Part of book/report

  • Bates, J. W.; Bakken, Solveig. (1998) Nutrition retention, desiccation and redistribution in mosses. Bryology for the twenty-first century.
  • Hanslin, Hans Martin; Bakken, Solveig; Pedersen, Bård. (1996) Interactions in bryophyte carpets. The influence of density and environmental factors on plant growth and competition. NTNU Vitensk.mus. Rapp. bot. Ser.


  • Johansen, Torkel; Hårsaker, Karstein; Bakken, Solveig; Risvaag, Jon Anders. (2017) Revita-prosjektet 2006-2015. Sluttrapport. 2017. ISBN 978-82-8322-107-7.
  • Flatberg, Kjell Ivar; Bakken, Solveig; Pedersen, Bård; Søderstrøm, Lars; Såstad, Sigurd Mjøen. (1996) Biodiversitet : populasjonsbiologiske prosesser hos moser. 1996.
  • Solli, Ida M. Sagmo; Flatberg, Kjell Ivar; Søderstrøm, Lars; Bakken, Solveig; Pedersen, Bård. (1996) Blanksigd og luftforurensninger : fertilitetsstudier. 1996. Rapport (1996-1).