Background and activities


I am a PhD canditate in the inorganic chemistry group. My research topic is ferroelectric tetragonal tungsten bronzes. I have made ceramic pellets and powders of various chemical compositions that crystallize in the tungsten bronze structure. Characterization methods I have used include diffraction techniques (monochromatic XRD, PDF), electrical characterization (dielectric spectroscopy, piezoresponse measurements), and temperature-dependent measurments (HT-XRD, temperature dependent dielectric spectroscopy, dilatometry, DSC, in-situ PDF).

Main advisor: Tor Grande

Co-advisor: Sverre Magnus Selbach


I started in the 5 year integrated master's degree programme in nanoengineering at NTNU fall 2011. In my third year I chose nanotechnology for materials, energy and the environment as my field of study. In my fourth year, I travelled to UC San Diego, where I took graduate courses in physics, electronics, and nanoscience. My master's thesis was submitted in june 2016, at the department of materials science and engineering. The topics of the thesis were ceramic powder synthesis and processing, various XRD characterization methods, and dielectric spectroscopy applied to SBN, a ferroelectric tetragonal tungsten bronze.


My position includes teaching duties. A list of my former and current activities is found below.
Fall 2016: laboratory assistant in TMT4115 General chemistry
Fall 2016: exam grading in TMT4112 Chemistry
Fall 2017: laboratory assistant in TMT4515 Chemical methods for synthesis and characterization of nanomaterial, specialization course