Background and activities

I am genuinely interested in sea ice, its physics and role in the environment. My interest began during my stay on Svalbard as Marie-Curie stipendiate (1998-1999). Having learned that sea ice microstructure and crystal growth is a poorly understood topic, I studied it as phd, interrrupted by a teacher education in Germany in 2003/2004, and obtained my phd on sea ice microstructure and physical properties at the Geophysical Institute (GFI) at the University of Bergen. From 2007-2013 I continued working at GFI, mostly with topics related to sea ice physical processes in the climate system. During that time I established fundamental research of sea ice on microscopic and molecular scales, based on X-ray imaging at synchrotron radiation facilities. This study of sea ice microstructure is relevant for many disciplines like oceanography+climate, arctic biogeochemistry and microbiology, engineering and remote sensing, environmental issues like oil spills in ice-covered waters. Besides the fundamental studies of sea ice physics my interest is to incorporate the micro-scale physics into larger scale models of ice-atmosphere-ocean interaction, climate and engineering applications.

After one year experience (2014) with consultant activity on problems related to ice and sea ice in the Arctic Seas (own enterprise,, I am since since February 2015 working at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), presently as workpackage leader for 'X-ray tomography with synchrotron radiation' within MOSIDEO an international project that studies oil-ice microscale interaction on different scales (

Recently I organised two events on X-ray tomography of porous ice media: "X-ray Micro-tomography of Snow and Porous Ice Media" at the Interpore 2017-9th International Conference on Porous Media ( and the "Workshop on X-ray micro-tomography of porous ice media" at NTNU in Trondheim (http://

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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