Background and activities

I work in philosophy of science, ethics of technology and art-based approaches to philosophy. I obtained my first degree in Mathematics and Physics (Warwick, 2000), followed by an MA in Philosophy (UCSD, 2006) and a PhD in Philosophy and Science Studies (UCSD, 2009). My PhD discusses The use of race as a variable in biomedical research

My postdoctoral work developed my interests in interdisciplinarity, language and expression, with practical experience and attention to material culture, performance and performativity. I have worked as an "embedded philosopher" in different interdisciplinary science projects, including complexity science, systems biology, and biotechnology.  I want to understand and help exercise response/abilities in science, through humanities and arts resources.

I am a Visiting Research Scholar at the UCSD Institute for Practical Ethics in Spring and Summer 2018.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

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