Sophia Efstathiou

Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
+47 73596786 +47 40100566
Dragvoll gård, Dragvoll allé 40, Låven * 249

Background and activities

My research interests combine philosophy of science, research ethics and art. I have a joint honours masters degree in Math and Physics (Warwick, 2000), an MA in Philosophy (UC San Diego, 2006) and a PhD in Philosophy and Science Studies (UC San Diego, 2009). The PhD discusses the The use of race as a variable in biomedical research. It proposes that there is a process for embedding everyday ideas in scientific contexts, thereby making these ideas possible to think of (and measure) as if they were scientific concepts -I understand this process by analogy to found art as resulting in "found science". The upshot is that the same idea can give rise to multiple concepts that are founded  in different disciplinary domains differently in order to support different normative-epistemic functions; thus a term like "race" or "work" or "wellbeing" may tag concepts that are doing very different work in different scientific contexts even though they stay tagged by the same, ordinary term.

My postdoctoral work enriched my interests in interdisciplinarity, language and expression, to include material culture, performance and performativity. In the last years I have been working as a philosopher in different interdisciplinary science-based projects with the aim of reflecting on the ethical and methodological issues that arise in science and technology innovation. I am interested in the normative implications of using different expressive and/or material technologies and in how to understand and develop our range of response/abilities in research and innovation through humanities and arts resources.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

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