Sofia Papavlasopoulou

PhD Candidate

Department of Computer Science
+47 73593444
IT-bygget, 102, Gløshaugen, Sem Sælands vei 9

Background and activities

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Divitini, Monica; Giannakos, Michail; Mora, Simone; Papavlasopoulou, Sofia; Iversen, Ole Sejer. (2017) Make2Learn with IoT: Engaging Children into Joyful Design and Making of Interactive Connected Objects. Proceedings of the 2017 Conference on Interaction Design and Children.
  • Jaccheri, Maria Letizia; Mishra, Deepti; Houmb, Siv Hilde; Omerovic, Aida; Papavlasopoulou, Sofia. (2017) SikkerhetsLøypa-Knowledge Toward Sustainable and Secure Paths of Creative and Critical Digital Skills. Entertainment Computing–ICEC 2017: 16th IFIP TC 14 International Conference Proceedings.
  • Papavlasopoulou, Sofia; Sharma, Kshitij; Giannakos, Michail; Jaccheri, Maria Letizia. (2017) Using Eye-Tracking to Unveil Differences Between Kids and Teens in Coding Activities. Proceedings of the 2017 Conference on Interaction Design and Children.
  • Pappas, Ilias; Papavlasopoulou, Sofia; Giannakos, Michail; Sampson, Demetrios G.. (2017) An Exploratory Study on the Influence of Cognitive and Affective Characteristics in Programming-Based Making Activities. 2017 IEEE 17th International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT).
  • Papavlasopoulou, Sofia; Giannakos, Michail; Jaccheri, Maria Letizia. (2016) Creative Programming Experiences for Teenagers: Attitudes, Performance and Gender Differences. Proceedings of the The 15th International Conference on Interaction Design and Children.
  • Giannakos, Michail; Holme, Finn Inderhaug; Jaccheri, Maria Letizia; Marquez, Irene Dominguez; Papavlasopoulou, Sofia; Visser, Ilse Gerda. (2015) Can Interactive Art Installations Attract 15 Years Old Students to Coding?. Entertainment Computing - ICEC 2015 14th International Conference, ICEC 2015, Trondheim, Norway, September 29 - Ocotober 2, 2015, Proceedings.