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  • Axelsson, Stefan. (2017) Educational Guide. Digital forensics.
  • Hansen, Hallstein Asheim; Andersen, Stig; Axelsson, Stefan; Hopland, Svein. (2017) Case Study: A New Method for Investigating Crimes Against Children. Proceedings of the 2017 Annual Conference on Digital Forensics, Security, and Law (ADFSL) (In press).
  • Lopez-Rojas, Edgar Alonso; Axelsson, Stefan. (2016) A Review of Computer Simulation for Fraud Detection Research in Financial Datasets. 2016 Future Technologies Conference (FTC)- Proceedings.
  • Lopez-Rojas, Edgar Alonso; Elmir, Ahmad; Axelsson, Stefan. (2016) Paysim: a financial mobile money simulator for fraud detection. 28th European Modeling and Simulation Symposium (EMSS 2016) -Proceedings.
  • Lopez-Rojas, Edgar Alonso; Axelsson, Stefan. (2015) Using the RetSim Fraud Simulation Tool to Set Thresholds for Triage of Retail Fraud. Secure IT Systems: 20th Nordic Conference on Secure IT Systems (NordSec 2015).