Stefano Brevik Bertelli

Senior Engineer Department of Engineering Cybernetics
+47 73594440 +47 91897021
O. S. Bragstads plass 2, Elektro D * D040

Background and activities

Leader of the technical staff, and administrate and coordinate activity according to the buildings, laboratories, facilities according to the central department authorities.
Member of the departments' leader"-group".
Coordinating laboratoial-activity and use of the departments areal.


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

  • Martinuzzi, Andrea; Sartori, Elena; Fanin, Marina; Nascimbeni, Annachiara; Valente, Lucia; Angelini, Corrado; Siciliano, Gabriele; Mongini, Tiziana; Tonin, Paola; Tomelleri, Giuliano; Toscano, Antonio; Merlini, Luciano; Bindoff, Laurence Albert; Bertelli, Stefano. (2003) Phenotype modulators in myophosphorylase deficiency. Annals of Neurology. vol. 53.