Background and activities

Steffen Bakker (1991) is a researcher at the department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management (IØT). He has a MSc in Econometrics and Operations Research from the University of Groningen and a PhD in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

His research interests focus around the application of operations research methods to energy- and transport-systems, including:

- Decarbonization of the Norwegian freight transport system
- Design and operation of micromobility systems (bike sharing systems)
- Electricity market design (digitalization)
- Design of the offshore energy system (e.g. electrification, energy-hubs)
Plug and abandonment (P&A) of offshore oil and gas wells (planning of large plugging campaigns)

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications



  • Bakker, Steffen J.; Linga, Harald; Alvheim, Frode; Gullestad, Frida. (2021) Roper ut om rådyr ryddesjau. Klassekampen [Avis]. 2021-08-21.
  • Bakker, Steffen J.; Vrålstad, Torbjørn; Aarlott, Mats Mathisen; Øia, Thomas. (2018) Smart brønnplugging lønner seg. Dagens Næringsliv [Avis]. 2018-08-06.