Background and activities


  • Major Accident Risk - I have become more and more interested in understanding how and why major accidents occur and is fascinated by different perspectives on major accidents, proposed by different scientific disciplines.
  • Monitoring accident risk - As part of the interest in major accidents, I am also trying to figure out ways of monitoring risk. Major accidents are (luckily!) very few and we need to find other ways of monitoring the risk than by counting accidents.
  • Risk Analysis/Risk Modelling - I have worked with risk analysis, very much from a practical viewpoint but also from a more theoretical viewpoint, my whole working life. This is an interest that still is very much alive, with main focus on major accidents.
  • Human and Organisational factors influence on risk - This is an area that I have become interested in over the last 5-10 years and forms an integral part of the focus on Major accident risk and risk analysis.

Professional career:

  • 2015-          Professor, Deparment of Marine Technology, NTNU
  • 2010-2014  Professor, Department of Production and Quality Engineering, NTNU
  • 2001-2010  R&D Manager, Safetec
  • 2000-2010  Adjunct Professor, Department of Production and Quality Engineering, NTNU
  • 1999-2001  Specialist Engineer, Safetec
  • 1994-1999  Managing Director, Safetec
  • 1991-1994  Department Manager, Safetec UK, Aberdeen
  • 1988-1991  PhD student at NTNU
  • 1984-1988  Safety Engineer, Safetec


Publications listed in the CRISTIN database

Revised book on risk assessment available: Risk Assessment: Theory, Methods and Applications, 2nd Ed. Significant revisions and additions compared to the previous version. There is also a companion website with among others presentation material for all chapters, suggestions for additional reading and solutions to the problems in the book.


I am currently responsible for TMR4130 Risk Analysis and Safety Management for Maritime Transport during the autumn semester. Further, I am responsible for a PhD course MR8406 called Operational Risk Analysis. This is lectured in the autumn every second year (2018, 2020, etc). I am also responsible for the continuing education course PK6017 Risikoanalyse (lectured in Norwegian).