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  • Zoto, Erjon; Kowalski, Stewart James; Katt, Basel; Frantz, Christopher; Lopez Rojas, Edgar Alonso. (2018) CyberAIMs: A tool for teaching adversarial and systems thinking. International Defence and Homeland Security Simulation Workshop, DHSS 2018.
  • Wen, Shao-Fang; Kowalski, Stewart James. (2017) A Case Study: Heartbleed Vulnerability Management and Swedish Municipalities. Human Aspects of Information Security, Privacy and Trust.
  • Alawawdeh, Alaeddin; Kowalski, Stewart. (2015) Facebook as a Learning Tool in Formal Learning Process. HCI International 2015 - Posters’ Extended Abstracts International Conference, HCI International 2015, Los Angeles, CA, USA, August 2-7, 2015. Proceedings, Part II.
  • Bider, Ilia; Henkel, Martin; Kowalski, Stewart; Perjons, Erik. (2015) Teaching Enterprise Modeling Based on Multi-media Simulation: A Pragmatic Approach. E-Technologies; 6th International Conference, MCETECH 2015, Montréal, QC, Canada, May 12-15, 2015, Proceedings.
  • Alawawdeh, Alaeddin; Ottosson, Stig Roland; Kowalski, Stewart; McCallum, Simon. (2014) Learner Profiling for Innovation Education Across Disciplines: A Work In Progress Paper. International Conference on Web & Open Access to Learning, ICWOAL, 2014.
  • Alawawdeh, Alaeddin; Imran, Ali Shariq; Kowalski, Stewart. (2014) Norwegian Information Security Lectures As a Case Study For Hyper Interactive Presenter. World Congress on Computer Applications and Information Systems (WCCAIS), 2014.
  • Imran, Ali Shariq; Alaya Cheikh, Faouzi; Kowalski, Stewart. (2014) Media annotations in hyperlinked pedagogical platforms. International Conference on Web & Open Access to Learning, ICWOAL, 2014.