Background and activities


Research motivation

Utilization of renewable raw materials for the production of materials, chemicals and energy for a sustainable future

Research topics

  • Physical chemistry of plant polysaccharides
  • Wood chemistry with emphasis on polysaccharide chemistry
  • Pretreatment and hydrolysis of lignocellulosics for second generation biofuels and biorefineries
  • Biorefinery processes


Approximately 25 publications in international refereed scientific journals and books (H-index: 14). Approximately 50 presentations at international scientific conferences.

Education/work experience

  • MSc, NTH Department of Biotechnology 1988
  • PhD, NTH Department of Biotechnology 1993
  • Research Scientist, NTH Department of Biotechnology 1993-1995
  • Assistant Professor, NTH Department of Chemical Engineering 1995-1996
  • Post doc, Institute of Paper Science and Technology (Atlanta GA, USA) 1996-1997
  • Associate Professor, NTNU Department of Chemical Engineering since 1998
  • Sabbatical at Norske Skog Skogn 2000-2001


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Smidsrød, Olav; Moe, Størker. (2008) Biopolymer Chemistry. Tapir Akademisk Forlag. 2008. ISBN 978-82-519-2384-2.

Part of book/report

  • Draget, Kurt Ingar; Moe, Størker; Skjåk-Bræk, Gudmund; Smidsrød, Olav. (2006) Alginates. Food Polysaccharides and Their Applications.


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  • Joseph, Prajin; Ottesen, Vegard; Tanase-Opedal, Mihaela; Moe, Størker. (2019) Evaluation of H-factor on the delignification of Norway Spruce by organosolv pre-treatment. Building a Sustainable European Biofuel Industry ; Gothenburg. 2019-11-04 - 2019-11-06.
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