Background and activities

I started working as a PhD candidate in August 2013 after finishing my five year study program in nanotechnology at NTNU. My PhD work is supervised by Mari-Ann Einarsrud and is focussing on low temperature synthesis methods for functional oxides. Functional oxides may improve several technologies e.g. solar cells, energy saving and battery time on cell phones.

The main goal is to study the hydrothermal synthesis method. This method involves locking up reactants in a tight steel container (an autoclave) before heating it up. The increased temperature will give rise to an increased pressure inside the autoclave and together this may cause reactions to happen. These reactions have not been studied to a great extent in the past due to the fact that it's surrounded by a thick steel container. This is where my work will come in as I will try to study these reactions in-situ (i.e. as they happen) with X-rays. This may give us important knowledge on how to make functional oxides in a better way.

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