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  • Hopperstad, Odd Sture; Langseth, Magnus; Remseth, Svein N. (1993) Uniaxial cyclic testing and modelling of the aluminium alloy 6060 in temper T4 and T6. 1993. Report / Institutt for konstruksjonsteknikk, Universitetet i Trondheim, Norges tekniske høgskole.

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  • Kvåle, Knut Andreas; Øiseth, Ole; Rønnquist, Anders; Remseth, Svein N. (2018) Simulation and monitoring of floating bridge behaviour. Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics in Memory of Ragnar Sigbjörnsson.
  • Rønnquist, Anders; Øiseth, Ole; Næss, Arvid; Remseth, Svein N. (2013) Reliability analysis of submerged tunnel taught mooring elements subjected to parametric excitation. Safety, Reliability, Risk and Life-Cycle Performance of Structures and Infrastructures. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Structural Safety and Reliability, ICISSAR 2013, New York, 16-20 June, 2013.
  • Øiseth, Ole; Suyuthi, Abdillah; Leira, Bernt Johan; Mathisen, Kjell Magne; Rønnquist, Anders; Sigbjörnsson, Ragnar; Remseth, Svein N. (2013) Prediction of wave induced dynamic response in time domain using the finite element method. Strait Crossings 2013 Proceedings.
  • Rupakhety, Rajesh; Rønnquist, Anders; Karlsson, Tommy; Øiseth, Ole; Sigurdsson, Sigurdur Unnar; Sigbjörnsson, Ragnar; Remseth, Svein N. (2012) Dynamic behaviour of steel frames subjected to near-fault ground motion. Proceedings of Nordic Steel Construction Conference, 5-7 September 2012, Oslo, Norway.
  • Remseth, Svein N. (2006) Jordskjelv. Prosjektering av bruer.
  • Seah, Chong Chiang; Børvik, Tore; Remseth, Svein N; Pan, Tso-Chien. (2006) Ballistic penetration and perforation of granite target plates by hard projectiles. Proceedings of the ISRM International Symposium 2006 and the 4th Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium.