Background and activities

Synnøve Aasan, advisor at the National Institute on Intellectual Disabillity and Community, NAKUI am a trained Social Educator and holds a Masters degree in Disability and Participation.

NAKUs main task is to develop the scientific basis for creating good living conditions for people with disabilities and the main target group are municipal employees. The Institute will help ensure that municipal employees can benefit from experiences in other municipalities and of access to research and scientific development at colleges and universities.

Responsibilities: Taking part in NAKUs daily operations and tasks, coordinate the work of the National Professional network on Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Health, Magazine Utvikling, NAKUs knowledge bank, main responsibility is Health Care.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Artistic productions

  • Aasan, Synnøve. (2013) 4 video foredrag om temaet psykisk utviklingshemming og rus. null
  • Aasan, Synnøve. (2011) Fire foredrag om psykisk utviklingshemming og psykisk helse. null



  • Aasan, Synnøve. (2016) Psykiske lidelser-og/eller ruslidelser blant personer med utviklingshemming. 2016. ISBN 978-82-998499-9-9.